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Local Government Through Consulting Services and Software Solutions

City County Solutions About CC Solutions

CC Solutions

City and County Solutions (CC Solutions) was created to serve cities and counties across the Midwest.  Our staff’s long history of service in small and mid-size governmental agencies has positioned us to help with a variety of needs, unlike any other consulting service. 


Our purpose is to provide professional services, technical support, programs, and resources to our member communities. Although we excel in many areas our primary focus is to help small to. mid-size agencies achieve their goals through administrative services, financial, asset, and risk management as well as community development.


Please contact us to learn more about our services.  We are committed to creating long-term relationships with our clients and look forward to helping your community thrive.

Consulting Services

Government Software Strategic Partnership

City-County Solutions (CC Solutions) partnered with MyGov, the industry leader for Government Software. This web-based system helps cities and counties build, administer, enforce, and maintain safe and well-organized communities. Our government software modules are built from the user’s perspective, providing a connection between our managment modules and other software products such as finance, GIS, codification, meeting, and website solutions. Our government software offers a complete ecosystem that allows cities and counties to handle Asset Managment, Permits, Code Enforcement, Work Orders, Business Licenses and much more.

Government Software Strategic Partnershi
Government Software
City County Solutions Risk Management Co

Risk Management Consulting Services

Risk management is a planned approach to managing and investing in your infrastructure including roads, utilities, inventory, and property. Any entity can begin practicing risk management with the information they already have. The tools in our toolkit have been designed to help kick-start agencies who are in the early stages of their risk management journey or to support others who are further along with continued improvement of their current programs.

Risk Management

Property, Casualty and Work Comp Solutions

Review and assessing the risk and loss exposures are nothing new for the public sector; officials face liability issues every day. They are also tasked with not only managing debt and fiscal policy but keeping their residents physically safe. Cities and counties should obtain the proper insurance coverages for their exposures, but in addition, it’s important for them to understand the details and intricacies of such a policy.

In order to truly understand the protection that municipal insurance affords, officials must realize the laws that they are in charge of; this includes property liability, zoning laws, crime insurance risks, law enforcement liability, cyber risks, legal liability, worker’s compensation and more. In our ever-evolving litigious society, it is important to review coverages, exposures, and costs on a routine basis. Our team can provide those services.

City County Solutions Property Casualty
Property & Casualty Solutions
City County Solutions Employment Solutio

Employment Solutions

(Individuals or Group)

Conversations about benefits are best left to the professionals. Whether benefits are provided, or individuals need a consultation, we will work with your staff to provide long-term solutions and take that task off your plate.  CC Solutions has the knowledge,  background, and support to give your staff peace of mind on a wide variety of topics. Our connections and services are second to none. 

Employment Solutions

Membership Services

Our teams’ purpose is to provide resources, information, and programs to our member communities and organizations.  The primary focus is to assist small and mid-size municipalities and counties achieve their goals through a wide range of administrative services. These member services will then allow your staff the time to focus on their mission and leave difficult and time-consuming processes to professionals. The extensive resources we have gathered are a result of relationships created over a 35-year career working with government entities across the Midwest. Our intent is to empower communities to reach their objectives as efficiently as possible.

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Membership Services

Helping small and midsize towns and cities to organize and automate with confidence.

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